2019 –

2019… WOW


I got dumped, it’s OK, not even starting to be unexpected. Just when these things are exploded on you that you get shocked. I am not a bitchy person, but I had to make some bitchy moves to counteract four years of being used. Enough, what’s done is done. However I did what I should have done some time back, traded in the yellow short wheel base Jeep, and the Berlingo and left with a shiny red 4 door automatic, petrol Jeep.

Hooray for me.

red jeep

I was a bit pissed off, I had planned a kitchen renovation at the country estate, replace the 1950’s sink and cupboard unit with something a little more cheffy. I carefully designed a self supporting frame of 4 cm steel square tube, had it sand blasted and then baked enamelled. It was splendid. I found a company in the industrial zone of Brunswick who could make me a 4 cm thick wooden top of Mountain Ash. I purchased a delicious black stainless steel basin and a tap that rose majestically from the bench top, complete with retractable spray, all very wonderful. I also found a black dishwasher. Shelves (needless to say) in black were cut to size. Plumber booked. I just needed muscle and that rippled away.


However, last weekend after locating a new plumber (the charming, affable and willing Charlie) then, seducing some family members to help, the job got done. I hate not being able to pitch in, but age, unsteady legs and pure fear made me refrain, I took my rightful place in a chair on one side of the kitchen and observed.


It’s amazing the way people love demolishing things, the old bench and sink, was removed in minutes and after 40 odd years of service, found its way into the bin. What was exposed was the hole through which field mice ventured


Jennifer, my long suffering companion and mother of our children, had it all planned out meticulously, and after I had offered a tiny bit of advice and been roundly rejected, her plans went smoothly and the job was done.

Kitchen Bench

Charlie the plumber also managed to take a look at a leaky tap, put a control tap on my toilet bum washing spray(bidet spray) which, although doing a splendid job, very nearly removed skin with the pressure. Charlie did assist with the installation of stainless steel sheeting on the walls and even, cut around some electric plug outlets.  I was also informed by family workers, after peering into the tank, that we were low on water. Hardly a shock, the weather has been very benign and besides the inlet was completely clogged with some sort of cement like plug, thus preventing water from getting into the tank. $240 later, a truck of water was delivered into the now cleansed maw of the tank.


My second daughter Kyrie is the most like her mother and has the ability to see ways of solving problems. The shelves were cut but no one had thought it through, there was no way they could be installed because of angles. I went cold and sweaty at the prospect that my long dreamed of new bit of kit, was going to be unfinished. Solution Kyrie, cut them in half, no one could ever even see the cut. It was then that we had to start learning how to use a complicated dishwasher.


Thanks family for your love and support of this slightly deflated, yet resilient father.



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