Meat – must have died

Meat do/don’t Abattoirs and killing…
It is vexed, but for me as clear as a bell. It has to be completely accepted, that in order for you to eat flesh, then it must have died. This is the case no matter what the flesh, be it a sausage, fish, a sardine, it is flesh and must have died.
I don’t see the issue being difficult, if you cannot accept the death of animals, if you have issues of animals dying well or even not well, then you must choose not to eat meat. There is no way die with ease. I watched my father slaughter many animals, I think Dad was a kind, gentle man who did care for the beasts he killed. His brothers, less so, his father was ever the pragmatist and killing animals did not enter into his thinking, it had to be done.
Would seem to me to be of much greater importance, having made the decision to consume meat, that the meat be of the best and highest quality, that the animal lived a full rich life as close to nature as possible, was not subjected to cruel practices and was slaughtered humanely.
We have this tendency to be a very fractured society, we fall over ourselves to be politically correct, we become shocked should someone over step a sensitive mark, we no longer share the idea of Australian mateship, no matter the race, our political overlords are more concerned about their re­election than fearless governing. We have developed non caring attitudes when it comes to some in the world being murdered, bombed, killed, maimed, so long as it does not impact on our own world or space we can live with it. We are seriously over governed.
We campaign rigorously for rights and privileges, we become alarmed at what is happening in other countries on this shrunken globe. We debate the issue of global warming and it’s impact, without ever changing anything in our own lives to combat it. We empower political leaders not elected by ourselves, but by disenfranchised in their own country, we allow ourselves to be influenced. The below both appeared as headlines in the ABC News Online 25th November.
Who has Donald Trump appointed to his White House so far? Australian shares set for quiet day on back of Thanksgiving holiday!
Australia seems to have lost the plot.
We have choices, we can decide many things, its time to stop allowing newspapers, overseas politicians, religious zealots and lobbyists, undue influence. What we loose now will never be regained, that is the nature of things. Eat meat, don’t eat meat, the choice is yours.

~ by peterwatson on February 21, 2017.

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