Potato Salad

Interestingly one of the most universal recipes or styles, it is found in almost every country and cuisine style on the planet. It is deliniated by flavour (spices etc) and depths of cooking, some like it mushy, some crisp, some very crisp. There are even roasted potato salads. Sweet potato in some regions is more popular.

When you consider that the potato came to Europe in 1536 from South America and spread around the world from there, along with the onion, it must lay claim to the most consumed vegetable on the planet. It is certainly the carbohydrate of choice when it comes to the UK and vies for position for that with rice, pasta and flour in the rest of the world. In my childhood potato was the major force, along with red meat, dominating every meal. My mother’s version of potato salad was somewhat scewed, it was called ‘Russian Salad’ and was a melange of chopped cooked potato, carrot, green peas, beetroot all dressed with a creamy dressing and often served in a lettuce cup.

Potato was introduced into China and Asia after 1600 and quickly became popular as a food, particularly in the cooler regions where it was easy to grow. Europe was slower to be colonized by the potato and never reached the same popularity that it did in the cooler climes. In the far parts of Northern Europe, it rapidly became a food for the poor peasant population along with cabbage and beets.

In pre Columban North America, potatoes were very much in evidence, along with tomato and peanuts and many vegetables that were unheard of in Europe, corn, pumpkin, wild rice all were comon in the native diet. It may even be claimed that some vegatables found their way to Europe via this source and not always from the European exploration of South America. Where ever they came from, they gained ready acceptance and quickly became part of the local cuisine.

This amazing data is a list of potato dishes in various world regions


This is a list of Potato salad dishes from round the world.


This all got started because I was having a roam around youtube, call it an instant holiday, and came across a link


This is all about a take away food shop in Richmond Virginia and quickly got me in, when the part about potato salad came I was fascinated, it was a style I had never ever heard of, mashing the potatoes and eggs, adding diced onion, dill pickle, yellow (USA style) mustard and mayonaise. It is much more mashed than what I am used to and contains much more egg, recipe will follow. It is definitely much loved in the American South and is found on all celebration tables.

It is a curious thing that we are starting to get to know more and more about North American food and it may be time to start not dissing it as much as (I have) in the past. There are, like every cuisine on earth, specially those from such massive countries as India, China, Europe and America, enormous differences of quality, taste and style. Much of what we see in Australia and in the United States is to do with the influx of migrants over many years. As the waves of migrants arrived they brought with them their own take on food, the Italians brought pasta, pizza and style of eating, the Europeans brought weighty foods that had evolved because of the climate. Spain had already influenced vast tracts of land in the America’s, the French influenced not main cuisine style of the USA, but the food of Louisianna and then that of Canada. We in Australia were more influenced by first the Brittish then the foods of the Mediterranean, we later started to absorb the tastes of the Middle East. No one cuisine has influenced more or less and so in the USA a very polygot food style has grown.

In the Mid West of the USA, also known as the Bible belt, a very homey food style has evolved, influenced largely by European foods. Preserving has remained as something important, indeed styles of preserving not seen as a domestic practice, are done in this region, tinning foods is an example. The most radical difference in the foods in the USA and other colonised countries is the use of fat, sugar, salt and serving sizes. There are some things that have evolved in the USA and this is one of them, well worth trying.

Southern Potato Salad recipe and very very good.

1.5 kilo of red potato, unpeeled and washed

6 hard boiled eggs chopped

1 small red onion chopped fine

4 dill cucumbers chopped fine and a little juice.

1 cup of whole egg mayonnaise

½ cup yellow mustard

½ teaspoon salt

splash of EVO



Cook the potatoes and as allow to cool, crush a bit, don’t mash them, just break them down. Add to a bowl with the rest of the ingredients (not the evo) Mix well and add a splash of EVO to top. It is very delicious even the next day.


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