Agrumato Oil & Seafood Pasta. Delicious


This method has been used in Mediterranean countries that produce olive oil, for many years. It was mostly done by small farmers towards the end of the press. The oils produced in this way were then used by the families of the olive grower and staff members.

The word Agrumato comes from the Italian for citrus and so relates directly to the pressing of citrus fruits, lemon, orange etc with the olives. The term Agrumato has now come to mean the method of crushing with the olives, thus herbs like basil, garlic are now commonplace.

There were two ways to ‘infuse’ the oil, one was to use actual herb leaves and garlic but this could also result in the oil being spoiled as the herbs or garlic rotted if exposed to any air. The second was to use a concentrate of the flavour wanted and this almost invariably contained a chemical or two.

We have been lucky to obtain three oils that are made using the Agrumato method, a Lemon Oil, Garlic Oil, Basil Oil. Of the three, lemon and garlic are pronounced in the raw oil and basil flavour comes out when the oil is warmed or heated.

All three of these oils are very useful, they can be drizzled cold onto salads, used as a dressing or garnish and used with rice dishes, pastas and the like. They can be used as frying when the particular flavour is needed, but it is not suggested that the oils be super heated.

All the oil and the pressing is done in Victoria. The olives are grown using organic methods. The garlic, basil and lemons are all grown in Victoria and are free from all chemicals, waxes and pest control substances. This all results in a very well flavoured oil.


Lemon EVO  Agrumato Method 500ml


Garlic EVO Agrumato Method 500 mil


Basil EVO Agrumato Method 500 ml


Presentation… all bottles are paper wrapped in fine tissue, bottles inside are labelled with all relevant and legal requirements, outside a swing ticket on the neck of the bottle.

Watson Family Dinner Friday 30/8

1 Jar WF Fish Stew

1 kilo of mixed seafood… prawn, scallop, firm fleshed fish, mussells, calamari.

Use 1/2 jar of the fish stew (250 ml) and bring to heat in a pan, toss in the seafood, place lid on the stew and cook for a few minutes on medium heat. When cooked, remove from stove, dress with lemon olive oil and chopped parsley, toss with pappardelle. Parmesan optional.


Good Crusty bread… delicious

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