Good method for cooking Lamb (sheep) Chops.

WhooHoooo… not that the blessed Iris would approve, indeed baking chops in the oven was thought of as a quite different meal. But Mum, I have tried it all, could not get one of those old gas stoves with the oblong pan and rack, I tried every other thing and I was beginning to despair.


I love a lamb chop, a chop that has a fat tail that is crispy and yummy. I was raised on them. They were the go to meat and three veg dinner. My memory always says, chops about 1.5 cm thick, plenty of fat, cooked until the outside was crisp and delicious, the tails slightly shrivelled but melt in the mouth. I liked them best with some of Mum’s home made Worcestershire (we make it still today at PW) a good dollop of creamy mash potato, some freshly shelled green peas, a bit of pumpkin or cauliflower. Good hearty food.


Despair had started to set in, I was blaming everything, breeds, cuts, chemicals, sheep diet farms, and cost. Bugger it all, lamb has become so expensive! Every possible cooking option had been tried. tested and mostly failed. Life was becoming a lamb chop free zone.

You may recall the roast chicken thing a few days back, very successful and delicious. I thought it was worth a go for the chops. Worked a treat.


Enough for two piggy wiggies or four normal diners.

12 Lamb (lets be honest here.. sheep!! lambs are not yet available, blame the sheep!) Chops.

1 red onion sliced (medium)

1 Large Plastic Freezer Bag

2 tbsps. EVO

1 heaped desert spoon salt (I like the flaked salt)

Few grinds of the pepper mill.

Fresh Thyme… say small handful.

Place all in the plastic bag, shake well and allow to stand for up to four hours.

Preheat your oven to 240 celcius.

Place the chops, onions, thyme, oil salt and pepper on a wire rack in a baking dish. Put in to the oven and cook on the very high heat for about 20 to 25 minutes. Let the meat stand for five minutes before serving.


We had this with salad, but a good dollop of creamy mash would have been ripper.

~ by peterwatson on August 20, 2013.

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