Malaysian Food and a Blogger

I’m just the teensiest bit over this whole food blogging thingie…

I know there must be, in the new and enlightened world of food critics, food authorities, knowledgeable foodies, a place for you. But…

Please, please please get it right.

I am reactive, I acknowledge that. I occasionally get into deep doodoos because of it. I did it again on Saturday. Damn it!

Twitter is no longer a mystery. Instagram is, Pinterest is and I am sure that a number of other bits and pieces of new social media are too. I read the twitter feeds on Saturday morning, just after a spot of food shopping. There, before my eyes was a tweet by a Melbourne Asian saying how spiffy Pappa Rich is, great great great Malaysian food.

Whooohoooo!!! I love the food of Malaysia.


Saturday lunch time is not the time to be careening about the place, looking for a park and trying to find a bloody restaurant. To my mind it was sacrifice. I had been cajoled into the chase by the syrupy and convincing words. And, I was on to it.

Five or so of the brand to choose from, all clustered in the Asian sectors of Melbourne, so we chose one in Nunawading. On the Highway, beside (it was revealed) one of those centres that sell cheap everything and had a massive (full) car park.

I begin twitching when confronted by that sort of challenge. On the scooter, all ok, just rock up, park on the footpath and do it. No worries. I had decided that the cooler day required the yellow jeep. Huge mistake.. massive. So hard to park the damned thing.

But we did find it. It was full of Asians, I think of that as a great thing, Asians are careful diners, mind you it can also be said, they are very constant diners. The wind was howling, the place full and so we said we would sit in the sort of transparent sided front tent heated by a million heaters and still cold.

You gotta love the Asian approach, nothing so simple as waiter/waitress standing there to take an order… nuhuh… they hand you the picture menu, a pad and a pencil and when you have made your choices and filled in the little form, you push a button and a serving person appears. I love a bit of theatre, makes the dining experience richer.

Being the inveterate traveller, the menu was familiar to me. Jennifer, mother of my children was not and never is, hungry at lunch time. I, on the other hand, always am added to which, I am also curious. I cannot order a single dish, it has to be a few dishes and we can all have a pick. She was not amused and said so, several times. But I am relentless and resilient.

My twittering Asian food blogger had said… the Roti Channai, the Chicken Sates and a grilled chicken (I thought it was a bit like Ayam Capitan)were all fabulous.




Here’s my take…

Roti Channai… doughy and tough, should be crispy and light.


Chicken Curry (to accompany the RC) was bland and tasteless.

Grilled chicken had a tinned western gravy… on what Asian planet would that happen?

Grilled chicken was served with frozen chopped vegetables… damn yuk.

Chicken Sates.. OK, just not totally special.

Peanut sate sauce… horrid.


I’m sorry my good friend the Asian food blogger was not there with me, I would have been forced to discuss the merits – demerits of the food. In his absence, I rushed home and politely, but with conviction, told him he needed to take another look.


He had missed Penang Coffee House… and yes I admit that the menu is a wee bit old, but the food is always seriously good.

Called India delights, it is Malaysian Indian food and its in Mahoney’s Road, next to the Forrest Hill shopping centre. And it is excellent, hand made Roti Channai, sooooo goooood.

I don’t claim to have been to every Malaysian restaurant in Melbourne, but I have done my best. My friend the blogger was wrong. This was NOT the best.

Its like a great Peking Duck.. now that is hard to find. Lots of Asian food shops with ducks and pork hanging in the window, but not always good. Needs to be butter tender and crispy. I reckon I know every spot in town for Peking duck. I am prepared to be corrected when it comes to Vietnamese and Thai stores cooking the ducks, of them I remain ignorant(ish). But don’t try to fool me!!

My suggestion, do it well. I will not be content until there is a chain of Malaysian restaurants in Australia serving food of the quality of The Village Duck in Bangsar, KL Malaysia.



~ by peterwatson on July 8, 2013.

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