Food in the New Technological Era

The world as we have known is changing, very fast. Technologies come and go with amazing speed and often we are left wondering how to communicate.


Have you kept ahead of the changes? Its not easy.


Email – dying These days emails are considered yesterdays technology and any serious geek or business marketing entrepreneur would not be seen dead using them. Most people will use their phone or ipad to check their mail.


WebSite – must be able to be viewed on iphone or pad. These days aside from shopping and perhaps some personal research, most people view the internet on their mobile devices. The internet is a vast cemetery of dead and dying web sites.


Twitter – you have to, even if you find it hard to say it in 140 spaces. Twitter is changing fast… it is developing as a means of personal communication. Its future is also very malleable.


Facebook – Seems like it is the glue that is single headedly holding the social and even business world together.


Bloggers – now they want to be spoiled and courted.


Newspapers – irrelevant in print, now read electronically. Must have an ipad.


TV food shows – simply hideous and the home of publicity seeking cooks and chefs intent on becoming icons.


OnLine Store – maybe bricks and mortar are staging a comeback!


SMS – paid version dying, free version increasing.


You need ego, hootspa and a personal god like faith in yourself. If you write or blog, you demand that freebies flow your way in a never ending stream… example David Lebovitz (Yank who lives in Paris) who was in Australia, but since no one bothered to pay his way to Melbourne, did not come here. His following of sycophants is odious.


There are two types of good food business. And of course a large number of others.


1. The business that sells ‘serious’ food and ingredients. (markets, great ingredient destinations etc)

2. The business that sells decent food to eat in a time challenged world.


And the rest who should not even rate a mention, but who have an unbelievable influence on the foods we eat, how they are produced and grown, as well as the price. Its hard to think that these purveyors of food give even the remotest care for sustainability. It’s all about price!


There are foodies who have garnered a reputation based on TV and who may or may not deserve it, but who, a gullible public see as food gods. I was hugely bemused, even slightly chuffed when Delia Smith (UK Food Goddess) announced her departure from TV food, she said (and I agree) that it has become an entertainment. That’s not what food is about. I also agree, but perhaps Delia and I have a very different attitude, maybe we believe that our body is our temple and food an offering. Could be that Delia associates food with hearth and home like I do.


And of course its strange that the television shows that do the best are those that are exactly that, home growers, producers who actually care, countries where food is central (Mediterranean Countries). Yet the overwhelming influence in Australian fast food, no matter where it is served, is the USA. Bar culture, cafe culture has adopted some of the more heinous foods of the USA… pulled pork, sliders… all huge serves with fried chips. Why?


I was amused the other day when some tweets from two food matriarchs announced… I am off to Europe today. Am in Sydney with ‘the gang’ judging awards. (the gang was other food TV celebrities), that these people take themselves very seriously. I am reminded that it is unwise to believe your own publicity. It can be fatal.


My point is, where do we turn to be sure that we are doing the best for our business, the best for food, the best for consumers. How do we make sure that the world is not diminished, that we become so refined in the way we eat that we completely forget the basics. That we strive to achieve the best for ourselves, our families and the world in general. That we forge into a brave new world, but with care, thought and consideration for us and the natural world.


The bottom line is, emails failing, web page medium use, twitter now, Facebook (apparently) excellent, blogs now. Newspaper advertising is on a loosing streak (but does that include online newspaper advertising?). The traditional world of publicity is gone, we need a new view, new energy. The idea of throwing a pack of money into an add campaign without it being multi facetted is not going to work.


Food marketing is unlike any other, it is turbulent and malleable, changing at a fast rate. It is strongly influenced by major international players trying hard to control aspects to benefit their own bottom line (Monsanto) Supermarkets are a force that alter the playing field on a day to day basis as they try to squeeze all steps of the food chain to better their own position financially. As a manufacturer we have been subjected occasionally to that unfortunate experience.


The answer is not easy, the complexities can overwhelm, but in the end we must grasp the situation as we find it and make the best use of what is available. Should you be as we are, conscious of the future and intent on preserving good eating and good food, it can be doubly difficult as we struggle with moral imperatives. And yet I suspect there is no choice but to swing with the ever changing technologies and learn to use them.


My own bottom line is, if I can get my food and product on someone’s table and hopefully into their tummy, and they have a happy contented look on their face, and come back for more, then I have achieved all I can.






~ by peterwatson on May 29, 2013.

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