Bangalow Sweet Pork Hams

PETER WATSON 23 Robert Street Collingwood (off Wellington near the Silo’s) telephone 9417 0209



I have been on the great ham hunt for more years that I care to remember, all brought about because my mother, for card nights and ladies afternoon teas, insisted on crust off, four point sandwiches (with the bread sliced by Tommy Digby at Caddies Bakery, by hand as machines did not at that time exist) and the filling for dainty occasions was ham, only available at Swintons Grocery in Warrnambool and so an expedition was arranged. I carry the aroma and taste of Swintons ham, deeply embedded in my psyche. That and the fact that proper mustard was made with cold water never hot as we continue to do today.

My searches have almost always led to sadness except when I tasted my first Bangalow Ham.

Tender and juicy – the way pork should taste. Hormone and Antibiotic Free.

Shorter cooking times – “Bangalow Sweet Pork”® requires less cooking time than

other pork. Fat is in excess of 60% unsaturated. (Food Science Australia

data). Easily digested, rich in essential nutrients. Produced under a strict

Quality Assurance program. The natural “marbling” fat in “Bangalow Sweet

Pork”® enhances its flavour and tenderness.

Having just done a taste test with these exceptional hams against some of Australia’s best makers of ham, I am pleased to say BANGALOW came out on top once again. These are simply the best. For those who would like to taste the hams, they can be tasted on Saturdays between 10 am and 1 pm above address.

In order to secure your ham, bone in or bone out as the cost is the same, orders need to be made now.

The costs pert kilo are $30.50 and the size will vary between 8 kilo to 12 kilo, it is good if you can specify your preference.

Orders will only be accepted if covered by payment method.

Payment direct to our bank account can be done. A deposit of $100 is required if you choose to use this method.

BSB 063297 ACCOUNT NUMBER 10022822

Name ________________________________________________________


Telephone ____________________________________________________________

Credit Card Details (note you will be charged when the ham is in house and allocated)

Card Type ___________ Card Number _________________________________

Expiry Date_____ ______

Other Payment method plse stipulate __________________________________

We will advise when the ham is ready for collection. As usual we have some hand made Xmas cakes and puddings being made and matured as we speak.

Proscuito (also Bangalow Sweet Pork) are available, please enquire.

Peter Watson.


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