Moving IS hell….

Moving is hell… there is no way around it, it is just hectic and for some reason reveals loads of things that have been hidden or pushed to one side. We found boxes that contained things I had long forgotten and things I should have forgotten as well as things I forgot, but for diferent reasons.

Life is a complex thing, specially in this inner urban place where the changes that are being wrought upon aspects of life and living are occasionally inexplicable and even mysterious. The local councils in these areas do their best to keep up with a dynamic that is mercurial and rubbery as they are pushed and pounded by the needs of locals and the avaricious demands of developers hell bent on changing everything, along with the fears of retailers who are experiencing difficult and challenging conditions.


Robert Street in Collingwood is an area of interest, it was a place for manufacturing, wharehousing and wholesaling, and a mix of some retail. It is a cobbled stoned quietish area that no longer has anything to do with the past. It is about to explode with a major development on a very large piece of vacant land that will tower over us by many stories and will offer home and safety to many. It will also change this area to  inner city smart/style zone.


We have always played the game of trying to be as smart and stylish as we could, while also producing product that was uncompromising in respect of quality. We continue to do that now in Robert Street in a factory of about three times the size of the previous. We have of course set up a showroom, mostly to display and showcase our products and we have opened that to the public. We are even seeking to relocate the liquor license we hold on the old place to the new, not an easy thing, in the end I am sure it will happen.

For a while we considered moving to far flung places, even in the country. But I am happy that for the time being we can continue to have our inner urban show on the road and to enjoy first hand the growths and changes we experience.

You are welcome to call in and to see the new factory. This time there is no separation between manufacturing and showroom, it is all one and you will see first hand how the product is hand made and experience the smells and tastes of our efforts.ImageImage

Welcome to  the showroom

Peter Watson

23 Robert Street


Tel 03 9417 0209 fax 03 9417 0804



~ by peterwatson on July 16, 2012.

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