Joyous festive season to you all..

Joyeux Noël 2011

I’ve done it again, over obsessed, over worked, over planned and still it’s never enough. I read a book, watch a bit of TV, even the simpering one, mind you she does seem a lot less simpery when she was interviewed by Andrew Denton, who did seem I note, very flushed! But that’s an aside. I am of course cynical enough to wonder if the interview was expedient, she did manage to distance herself from ‘celebrity chefs’ and even managed to align herself with ordinary folk. I further note that she is again invited, first class and five star no doubt to headline in the Melbourne Food Festival. And again I am forced to ask why??

Enough bitching, this is the time for good will towards all men (well almost, it’s hard to have good will towards people like the late and for me, unlamented Kim Jong iL and of course Turkey growers who seem to flood the market with tasteless muck and have to tell us how to cook the dam stuff and further, yet again, claim that the poor bloody birds are free range). Frankly and not in the spirit of love for all men, I wonder if the time has come for us to loose the whole concept and use of the term ‘free range’ it seems to have been so overused and not to put to finer point on it plagiarised (Plagiarism is defined in dictionaries as the “wrongful appropriation,” “close imitation,” or “purloining and publication” of another). It is also a similar thing for the word ‘gourmet’ which has become hackneyed and meaningless. This could become the opening campaign for 2012, should I survive the festive season.

I was listening this morning to some early morning radio and was somewhat boggled to hear a lady describing the efforts she had gone to enjoy Xmas since she was gluten intolerant and it turned out later in the conversation, intolerant to other chemicals, even the chemicals found naturally in dried fruit. Started me thinking about the tolerances we seem to have developed in the last few years and before some of you burst into flames, I accept that advances have been made in science, that food manufacturers and purveyors do use an ever widening range of chemicals in their products. I was also struck by the counter argument to the third world scenario which says… there is very few intolerances to food in the third world, eg: nuts, they are eaten extensively in many Asian cuisines. The counter to that is that most people with undiagnosed intolerances would have long since died of their medical condition and in most cases, gone unrecognized.

My life has been dogged by just one ‘condition’… an unnatural propensity to put weight on just by breathing in and out. Or it feels like that. Last year when I was struck down with a sickness that ended up with me getting pneumonia, I lost a ton of weight, ended up size 36, in fact I reveled in the new body and the compliments of how I was losing weight and looking great. In fact its true, I was losing weight but in the end, I was ill. Since that time, with me of course being faultless, the weight has crept back on and the few miserly indulgences I allow myself have to be examined. How can it be my fault, nothing passes these lips that is not organic, lived a full and even wonderful life, was grown on trees which never experienced the perversion of chemicals, luxuriated in soils which would make a biodynamic vegan trill in delight. I eat well. I drink moderately of only the best wines. I no longer take sugar at all, am completely irresponsible with butter, olive oil and bread. I am told that perhaps I have a slow metabolism! Oh and the occasional tiny piece of cheese.

Rubbish of course, its all about what you put in your mouth and eventually swallow.

And have I mentioned treadmills? In the event I have not, as mysterious as that is to me (that I have never mentioned it!), then let me tell you that I walk for Australia, morning and night. I have become extremely knowledgeable. For example I can tell you that hanging on to the side rails as you walk will give you a stooped posture and not be of much benefit, that walking at a slower pace with correct posture is better for you and that listening to music is much better than counting. All in all, just how good this is for tummy or hips is very debatable, but strong legs, ripper.

You can see, I do all the right things and still my hips and tummy remain larger than I would like and no longer evoke small compliments, rather a side ways glance and for those who are not afraid of my placid and occasionally ‘passionate’ temperament, a comment that I have got a bit larger. So unkind. My own sense is that my tummy muscles are no longer as bouncy as they once were.

But to you all a joyous festive season, a bonza 2012 with great food and surrounded by the ones you love.


Peter Watson

Serryn Watson and staff.

23rd December 2011

~ by peterwatson on December 22, 2011.

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