Xmas Ham 2011 – Damn it, its too early.. maybe not.


We are pleased this year to be (at last) able to offer to you a ham that is grown and processed in country Victoria.

I confess to having made much about the importation of pork for use in our ‘Australian Owned” ham and pork smallgoods industry and frankly, given half a chance I would like to see the end of it.

The peak body for pork in Australia does a fine job and we need to support them in their endeavours.

We recently held a ham and bacon tasting and as a result, this ham has been chosen as the Xmas ham for 2011. It is produced in the old gold fields area of Maryborough from free range animals and is delicious. Both bone in and boned ham will be available ion roughly 8 – 9 kilo legs.

BONE IN HAM $21.00 per kilo, approx 8 – 9 kilo weight

BONELESS HAM $23.00 per kilo approx 7 – 8 kilo weight

We need to place orders for these hams as soon as possible in order that the small processing plant is not inundated and I would appreciate your order confirmation by return.

Name ________________________________________________________


Telephone ____________________________________________________________

Credit Card Details (note you will be charged when the ham is in house and allocated)

Card Type ___________ Card Number _________________________________

Expiry Date_____ ______

Other Payment method plse stipulate __________________________________

We will advise when the ham is ready for collection. As usual we have some hand made Xmas cakes and puddings being made and matured as we speak.

Peter Watson.

 A pdf order for is attached for you to print and send back

Fax 9417 0804

for the electronically competent


Ham 2011

~ by peterwatson on September 26, 2011.

2 Responses to “Xmas Ham 2011 – Damn it, its too early.. maybe not.”

  1. I’m in Perth and want to buy a jar of your Red Onion Marmalade, where can I buy it?Fiona

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