Cheese Tasting Saturday 7th May – notes

CHEESE TASTING NOTES Saturday 7th  May 2011

Will Studd’s Selected Normandy Camembert

Originating in Normandy France, in the Pays d’Auge region, this handmade cheese has a fat content of 32% with a rich smooth fudgy texture, creamy with a hint of apples.


A washed rind cheese from the Langres region of France.

This is a mild smooth textured washed rind cheese from the high plains of Langres in the Champagne region of France. The terracotta coloured rind uses natural Annatto dye when it is washed by hand. It is traditionally served with its indented top filled with Marc de Champagne.

Mt Vikos Barrel Aged Feta

Originating in the Mt Vikos region of Greece, this Feta is matured in the traditional way in beech wood barrels. This imparts a quite different finish to the final cheese which has a soft creamy milky taste with intense aroma and a complex peppery finish.

Trou de Cru

(troo de croo)

From Bourgogne France, this washed rind cheese has a strong aroma but with a heart of delicious smooth melting texture that will delight.

How to Store Cheese.

There is some debate.

Hard Cheese can be rubbed with a little oil and wrapped in plastic or waxed paper. It should be checked occasionally to see if mould is growing, if it is, wipe lean and wipe again with a little oil and re wrap.

Blue Cheese should be stored in separate containers so that the usually strong flavours do not mingle. Wrap these in waxed paper and store in a plastic container. It is wise to have the base of the container covered in a few layers of kitchen paper.

Soft Cheeses such as Camembert. These should usually be eaten quickly after they have been opened and cut, but in the event that you do have some left over it is likely that it will be runny and so you will need to store this in plastic cling wrap. Ion the event you have a whole unused soft cheese, store in waxed paper.

Serving Cheese

Allow the cheese to return to room temperature before eating and serve with your choice of breads or biscuits.

I like to eat cheese with fresh fruits such as apples. I also enjoy cheese with pickles like traditional picked onion, a stronger cheese for this one, cornishons and the couple of new berries we have pickled Blueberry and Cranberry. The wonderful roasted capsicum is also a great treat.

A cheese board will usually consist of three cheeses and the ones we are tasting today would form an excellent selection. There are no hard and fast rules, but I would suggest that three cheeses taken from the different styles of cheese is better. Mind you a cheese bases on even one great cheese can also be very acceptable.

Just don’t be mean with the cheese.

Peter Watson

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