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10 March 2011


The Premier of Victoria.

Parliament House



Dear Premier,




With respect this event is now becoming irrelevant. I would have been under the impression that the Melbourne Food and Wine festival is to showcase the great food and wine of this state. How then can the organisers justify the extraordinary expense of bringing in people like Nigella Lawson and others.


And whilst I acknowledge that the cult of the celebrity chef seems to have become,  a huge money spinner, TV phenomena. There are concerns that the general skill of cooking and preparing food and being able to discriminate in the choice of food, has dropped to an alarming level, as marketing is used to bend and influence the publics spending patterns. Eg: the milk/egg questions of the major chains. No one could be silly enough to believe for the merest millisecond that joe public will benefit from this.


Whilst I appreciate that many of Australia’s (I note that living/working in Victoria is not used as a criteria for inclusion) great chefs are being given an opportunity to show their skills, there is it seems no recognition ever given to those of us who beaver away in this state to bring the very best to chefs and cooks in order that they excel.


I am sure that big business has more than its fair share of influence over the Melbourne Food and Wine festival committee (I note the involvement of The Age newspaper) and this in the end, cannot produce results that are anything but driven to grow their own profits. I acknowledge too that in these days of financial reality, that events of this nature must have financial viability.


I would urge you and your ministers, and all those of influence and decision making in this state, to encourage the committee of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival to take a broader look at their reason for running this event and to perhaps showcase food and wine people in Victoria who work very hard with enormous dedication to continuously produce product of amazing excellence.


Yours Sincerely



Peter Watson.




~ by peterwatson on March 20, 2011.

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